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Have You Ever Missed Out Phone Calls Because You Almost Can Not Hear Your Phone Ring Tone?

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DEADLINE: This story and this music are things you feel passionate about. Did you grow up with it in Miami? ANA VILLAFANE: I did. Im 26 and I cant really remember not knowing it, to be honest with you. When I got the audition packet, they sent me an email with the script and the sheet music to these songs. I was like, What are you talking about, sheet music to these songs? Ive known these songs since before I could walk. For me, being half-Cuban, that only elevates theplatform theEstefans areon.Gloriarepresented my culture, my family, she was the face of the Cuban exile, and her star rose at a time when they needed someone to represent them. So, you know I see Gloria and I see my mother.

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