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Tacos is like the main thing, said Joanna Hernandez, co-owner of the restaurant. Thats what we sell most of. We also offer tostadas, flautas, and we offer tacos. The announcement by El Ultimo Taco comes the same week Vermillion Restaurant and Watering Holes owner said he plans a second restaurant in Harlingen. Vermillion 2 will be located at 1601 W. Harrison Ave. Hernandez admits tacos are pretty common offerings at restaurants in the Valley, but she says El Ultimo Taco sets itself apart because their tacos are traditional Mexican tacos no ground beef, just bistek tacos made with steak, cheese and avocado. Hernandez said the Harlingen restaurant will be new construction, and will take several months to complete. Were looking to start construction hopefully by May of this year and it will probably be late October or mid-November unless something crazy shows up, she said of her target opening. The new restaurant will share some similarities with the current Brownsville location, which is located at 938 N. Expressway 83.